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Fence Installation in Spartanburg, South Carolina

At Spartanburg Fence Contractors, we have installed and repaired thousands of fences across various regions. With lots of experience and relevant expertise, we continue to meet and exceed the needs of our customers who are looking for fence installation or repair services. We install and repair various types of fences, such as chain link fence, vinyl fence, and  privacy fence at affordable prices. We have worked on many different projects, both large and small. Spartanburg Fence is the way to go for every fence installation in Spartanburg!

Our aim is to provide reliable and on-time delivery of fencing services to our customers, using durable materials and highly skilled artistry to be the leading fence company. Whether you are a home or business owner, fences on your property has probably interested you at some point. Fencing your property comes with several advantages, such as protecting your possessions and enhancing the appearance of your lawn. It’s important to look for professionals with experience when it comes to security of your home and the value of your dollar. Look to the professionals with experience in fence installation in Spartanburg to get the job done right the first time!

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Our top priority is always customer satisfaction! We make sure that all the materials that we use in all of our fence projects are high quality and sourced from within the United States. From the screws to the wood, all materials we use are made right here in U.S.A. Here at Spartanburg Fence Contractors we know South Carolina has blistering high temperatures, and sweltering high humidity throughout the summer months as well as occasional freezing and snow in the winter months. It’s important to take into consideration the climate and weather patterns to ensure the products we use aren’t weathered or faded before it’s time, making sure it’s providing the best value we have to offer. 

Several factors will determine the cost of fence installation and repair. These include materials used, length of the fence, height, and if you have any gates. Fencing is a project that needs proper planning. First, we take a look at the purpose for the fence the property is going to requireThere are all kinds of materials to choose from including chain link fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, PVC fence, and wrought iron fence.  For example, aluminum fences are incredibly durable and lightweight. These are maintenance free and will last for decades. Also, vinyl fence is a good choice for many because they come in a large selection of colors. Vinyl fence also does not require additional coats of paint or stain in the years to comeWe can visit you in person to provide a free estimate and we’re also willing to discuss options for costs. We want to work with you regardless of your budget. 

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Residential Fence Installation in Spartanburg!

Why is it important to fence your residential property? Owning a home is one of the most important parts of life for many people in the U.S. When you succeed in owning one, you want to make sure that it’s secure and kept safe for your family, your possessions, and your pets. A fence around your home helps protect you and your property, gives it the finishing touch on the appearance of your home, and maximizes its value. We offer fully customized fencing options to suit your every need. Here are a few reasons why you should fence your residential property:

  • Privacy Fence  –  A meticulous installed residential fence will keep you less worried about your nosy neighbors and give you a better ability to enjoy the privacy of your own home.
  • Boundary Fence –  A fence can clearly define the beginning and the end of your property. Appropriate marking of your property helps avoid disputes between neighbors and prevents trespassers from your lawn.
  • Security Fence A poorly fenced property or one that is not fenced at all leaves no deterrent to thieves, vandals, and trouble makers. No fence means no barrier between them and your home. 
  • Property Value Remember, first impressions really do matter and a beautiful fence is one of the first parts of your property your family and friends and even potential buyers see when they arrive. Investing in a proper fence will greatly increase the value of your home and appeal to anyone that visits.

Commercial Fence Installation in Spartanburg!

Thankfully, we have a variety of fencing options for you, depending on functionality and the aesthetic you’re looking for. We also take into account local code and regulations regarding fencing. We use high-quality, fencing materials for all our projects. Several benefits result from fencing your commercial property. A properly installed fence protects your business and possessions from thieves and persons with ill motives and also keeps trespassers away from your commercial property. A correctly installed fence will also greatly improve the overall image of your business to outsiders and prospective customers. At Spartanburg fence contractors, we install and repair commercial fencing, guaranteeing the security of your premises and improving its appearance. We also custom make the fencing to your liking. 

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fence install installation spartanburg

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