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Fence install and design in Spartanburg is a fantastic way to perfectly frame your residential property to ensure your property is safe and secure. Not only that, but keeping wild animals out, and your pets in is a huge key point. Fence install in Spartanburg is a huge step that will set your home apart from all others. You may love your neighbors, but you probably do not want anyone being able to eavesdrop or see everything you’re doing in your yard. A proper fence allows you to enjoy your privacy. Choosing the right material to suit your home is the first and foremost in the building process. Take a peek below at the different styles and materials of fencing options Spartanburg Fence Contractors offer.

Looking for a fashionable new trend taking over the fence market?  This new style is becoming more popular each year.  Clean, modern, and can make a home appear larger and more spacious. Horizontal fences require installation by highly experienced fencing contractors, as they require a great deal of attention to detail to ensure they last as long as possible, unlike other traditional fencing methods. Horizontal fences are little more unique than the timeless classic vertical fence and will make your property stand out from the neighbors. Color options are endless.

Vinyl is a fairly common material to use as well. Most people like it because it can last a very long time. It doesn’t rot like wood, and it’s sturdy and flexible enough that it can handle the high and low temperatures that the Spartanburg area likes to throw at us. It’s flexibility gives it the chance to expand and contract comfortably in ever changing temperatures, meaning it doesn’t crack or split like cheaper plastic. Another solid perk to vinyl fencing is that it doesn’t require painting. A classic clean white fence is always a great choice, but you can also choose a variety of other colors as well. Say goodbye to aging wood that must be painted every couple of years!

Chain link is generally easy to install and is available in different styles, thicknesses, and colors. One of the most appealing features about a chain-link fence is that it is simple, long-lasting, and cost-effective. This sturdy fence might be your most versatile fencing design for pets since you can choose from many mesh sizes and wire gauge. When compared to other fencing options with the same strength and durability, chain-link fences can be a cost-effective alternative. Spartanburg Fence Contractors offer many different designs, with galvanized chain links being the most common and black color coated.

Wood has been used for fencing since the very beginning. Wooden fencing is easily the most common type of fence in the world! There’s so much you can do with it, it’s generally very inexpensive, but does require maintenance every couple of years. Usually every three to five years, we recommend having the fence repainted or refinished to help avoid premature decay. Wooden fence is also very easy to repair if it should ever need it. 

A classic white picket fence is probably in the definition of the American Dream. The best part about a picket is how affordable and simple it is. It doesn’t have to exstravagant to be beautiful! Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be white, Spartanburg Fence can stain or paint it to any color you’d like. It’s also very easy to maintain!

Unlike in the past, when aluminum was only available in primary colors and styles, modern aluminum fencing has a wide array of colors to suit every home. You can perfectly blend in your aluminum fencing with your home theme and style. You can purchase what matches the color of your gates, guttering or roof for a more harmonized look and feel.  You can install this quality fencing around the commercial property if you’re looking for a secure and sturdy option. Aluminum fencing is a flexible option for uneven yards since Spartanburg fence repair can easily adjust it to fit the gradient of the surface.

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